Welcome To Cimac Super League
Welcome To Cimac Super League 

The following parts of the body may be attacked using the authorized fighting techniques: Head Front, side, back and forehead Torso Front and side Leg (Ankle and below) Note: Only for sweeping



Top of the head Back of the torso (Kidneys and spine),Top of the shoulders, Neck: Front, Sides, Back, Below the belt (Except for Foot Sweeps) Continue after the command "Stop" or the end of the round has been sounded Turn one's back to the opponent, running away, deliberately falling down. All blind, uncontrolled techniques in general

Kicks Front, Side, Back, Roundhouse, Hook (Sole of the foot only), Crescent, Axe (Sole of the foot only) Jumping, Spinning, Jump Kicks. Hands Punch, Back fist (Not spinning / turning), Ridge hand, and Hook punch. Foot sweep Below Ankle (Foot Sweeps are allowed,) to score with a foot sweep the attacker must remain on their feet at all times. If in the execution of a foot sweep the attacker touches the floor with any part of their body other than their feet, no score will be given. A score will be awarded to the attacker if their opponent touches the floor with any part of their body other than their feet. Please Note: It is extremely dangerous to strike with the back of the heel; it must be strictly emphasized that the attacking Fighter must extend his foot in such a manner that the Sole (Bottom) of the foot is used as the striking area when executing the following kicks: Axe, Hook and Spinning Hook kick,All Jumping spinning Kicks

Attack's with any technique other than those mentioned in section 6. Spinning back fist
Avoiding or refusing to fight, falling or dropping to the floor without due cause. Leaving the fighting area (Exit) Attacks with malicious or excessive contact. Unsportsman-like conduct, A Fighter can have only one warning, then the normal procedure for penalty and disqualification shall be followed. However, in the case of gross unsportsman -like conduct, the Fighter may be disqualified or deducted one point on the first offence, depending on the severity of the infringement. Grabbing / Holding is not allowed, Attacking or verbally abusing an official either inside or outside the Tatami, Pushing,
Grabbing without any other purpose, Spitting or even attempting any of these actions shall result in immediate disqualification. In the event that any of these actions are made by a penalized fighter or their coaches, the person involved may be removed from the hall or tournament site and the matter turned over to the WAKO Referee Committee. Ground Attacks, Spitting out their mouth-guard voluntarily. A fighter cannot attack an opponent on the ground. The central referee is responsible for stopping the match immediately when one of the two fighters touches the floor with any part of the body apart from their feet. Stomps to the head or body of adowned Fighter can lead to minus points or disqualification (judges decide by majority decision). Slipping of Glove. A fighter must at all times have their hand fully placed inside the glove, he / she should at no stage enhance their range by slipping the glove forward to gain distance on their opponent. This may be deemed unsportsman like conduct A fighter cannot indicate time when he / she is in a corner under pressure from their opponent.

If the Referee sees an action that they consider to be a valid point, they will command STOP and immediately signal the point, as do the Judges. The Referee counts the decisions and awards the score to the appropriate Fighter. Each Judge must make an immediate decision following the command of the referee. If one of the Judges sees an action they consider to be a valid score, they must signal to the Referee immediately who will command "STOP" and the referee and judge must at that time signal their point calls. In all cases, only when you have a clearmajority call, can you award a point. Punch 1 pt, Kick to the body 1 pt Foot sweep leading the opponent to touch the floor with any other part of the body apart from feet 1 pt Kick to head 2 pts, Jumping kick to body 2 pts, Jumping kick to head 3 pts Warnings should be given in a loud and clear voice so that both the Fighters and Coaches can hear and understand the
warning. The Referee should stand facing the offending Fighter and give the warning. To award a penalty point the Referee must first request the time to be stopped. They must face the Score Keeper and state that a penalty point is to be awarded by point to the Fighter who is to be penalized and stating in a loud, clear voice why the Fighter is being penalized. If a fighter is attacking and because of their velocity forward steps off the mat, this is not regarded as an exit Warnings will be carried over throughout the Match to all rounds. When referees are giving warnings or a penalty point, they must stop the clock. 

Exit Rules
1st Exit = Official Warning
2nd Exit = Official Warning -1 penalty point given verbally communicated to athlete / coach with hand signal
3rd Exit = Official Warning -1 penalty point given verbally communicated to athlete / coach with hand signal
4th Exit = Disqualification Verbally communicated to athlete / coach with appropriate hand signal
Rule Violations (Other than Exits)
1st Verbal Warning = Discretionary Warning (May move to first Official Warning if warranted)

1st Official Violation = Official Warning
2nd Official Violation = Official Warning -1 penalty point given verbally communicated to athlete / coach with hand signal
3rd Official Violation = Official Warning -1 penalty point given verbally communicated to athlete / coach with hand signal
4th Official Violation = Disqualification Verbally communicated to athlete/coach with appropriate hand signal


For the full clarification of the WAKO rules please download them from the WAKO web page

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